Shooting Fundamentals

The Shooting Fundamentals class - for novices or beginning shooters - is pure fun. It's all shooting at the range! This is where you learn to respect your gun and take complete mastery over it and see how much fun shooting can be! At the same time you'll learn the basic fundamentals necessary for effective self defense. And of course, you'll come away with the knowledge to keep you and everyone around you safe with firearms!
The Shooting Fundamentals class runs about 1-2 hours and is conducted 100% on the range.
Equipment required: Handgun of any caliber (if you own one; if not you can shoot mine), 100 rounds of ammunition (if you have your own; if not I'll provide it at replacement cost), eye and ear protection (if you own them; if not I'll provide them) and a desire to learn the safe and proper way to shoot.
Contact me for pricing and additional information. Full payment is due before the class. I'll send an invoice via email that can be paid by debit or credit card prior to your class date.